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Does Myofascial Release Therapy for Your Pet Make You Sexy?

Does Myofascial Release Therapy for Your Pet Make You Sexy?

June 14, 2016

Guest Post from Jami Waldrop, CAAP, CAMT, Owner of TheraPaws 

I can’t count how many times a day I am asked this question. No really, I can’t. So here is the answer in a nutshell. Ladies put away those tube tops and gentlemen skip the aftershave because, in fact, myofascial release for your pet can also make you sexy.

Connective tissue covers your pet’s muscles and joints. Scar tissue can develop in the connective tissue. This causes restricted movement of muscles and joints, pain, bad posture, poor circulation, and improper bone wear. Not sexy, right? Myofascial Release Therapy addresses the root of these issues while benefiting you the pet owner at the same time. 

Causes of Scar Tissue

• Injury• Bacteria & Viruses
• Overuse of Organs/Muscles 

This scar tissue will “stick” to surrounding areas and cause pain, restricted muscle and joint movement, hunched or crooked posture, tight and weak muscles. How Can Myofascial Release Therapy Help Your Pet (and Make You Sexy)?

Myofascial Release Therapy can:

• Break apart inner scar tissue
• Loosen muscles that are stuck together
• Return circulation to dehydrated scar tissue
• Cause muscle to work more efficiently and freely
• Improve range of motion• Ease or eliminate pain
• Make you hotter than Georgia asphalt 

Having a certified animal massage therapist apply myofascial release therapy to your pet will greatly help him or her. By using various methods of dragging and stretching the connective tissue, the connective tissue returns to the proper state. Now how awesome are you? You have shown the greatest amount of kindness and compassion toward your pet by getting him or her a massage. Your pet now has a greater quality of life. All your friends, co-workers, and Facebook friends sigh and say, “Aww”. You have become this decades Hottest Humanitarian. Prepare to go viral.

 How Often Should Your Pet Have Therapy? How often do you want to be sexy? It’s true; you can overdo it, but how often your pet receives therapy depends on many factors.

• Severity
• Length of time the issue has been present
• Age
• Response to therapy

A certified canine massage therapist will be able to assess your pet and develop a therapy plan that is just right. Continuing with your pet’s therapy has now doubled your sexy quotient. Madonna wants your autograph.

 Is Your Pet a Candidate for Myofascial Release? Many pet owners think there is nothing that can be done for their sore pets apart from pain medication with side effects. However, that is not the case. At TheraPaws we see many sexy pet owners whose pets have regular therapy sessions that include Myofascial Release. We have also teamed up with holistic doctor Ken Tudor, DVM at The Well Dog Place to help these pets further with nutritional support, drug-free pain relievers, and cold laser therapy. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. That’s why at TheraPaws we have the sexiest clients around. Give us a call and let us make you look sexy (909) 300-5264.

Jami Waldrop, CAAP, CCMT
Dr. Ken Tudor, Holistic Veterinarian

Jami offers a wide range of manual modalities including acupressure, myofascial release, trigger point & stress point therapy, therapeutic massage, strengthening & conditioning, and many other therapies to help your pet thrive and enjoy a dynamic quality of life. She is accredited through the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage (NBCAAM) and a certified member of the Association of Bodyworkers & Massage Professionals (ABMP).

Does Myofascial Release Therapy for Your Pet Make You Sexy?

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