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We Offer Cold Laser TherapyYour dog can feel better with cold laser therapy

What if Rylee could get pain relief for her spinal disk disease without surgery? What if Gus’ limp from his cruciate ligament injury could be treated until you had time to save the money for his surgery? What if the itch and pain from Lola’s allergic hot spot could get immediate relief? Cold laser therapy can help all these situations.

Cold Laser Therapy!

How Do Cells React to Cold Laser Light?

Initially, the capillary cells in injured or diseased area multiply to increase blood flow to these areas. This allows the transport of blood cells and chemicals to area to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, fight infection, clean up debris and speed healing.

The infrared light also stimulates the growth of “stem cells.”Stem cells are cells that have the potential to be any type of tissue needed.

In the case of a skin “hot spot”, stem cells can become new skin cells. In an injured ligament, stem cells can become ligament cells. Any body tissue can respond the same way!

What Type of Cold Lasers Are Best?

Pain relief and healing faster with laser therapy

Handheld cold laser or Class III units are not strong enough to be effective.

Make sure your veterinarian uses a Class IV unit, that has more customizable settings and options and a larger power source.

What Problems Can Cold Laser Help?

Doggles protect eyes during cold laser treatment
The variety of problems that can be helped with cold laser is amazing. Examples are:
  • Abdominal- Bladder infections/inflammation, colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, liver disease, pancreatitis, stomach ulcers and post-surgery.

  • Musculoskeletal- Arthritis, cruciate ligament injuries, bone/muscle infections or injuries and luxating patellas.

  • Neurological- Brain trauma, degenerative spinal disease, nerve injury and spinal disk disease.

  • Respiratory- Allergic tracheobronchitis, collapsing trachea, laryngeal paralysis and sinusitis.

  • Skin- Abscesses, allergic rashes, anal gland infections, auto immune skin diseases, fistulas, hot spots, hygromas and ear infections /hematomas.

A New Treatment Option for Your Dog

Taylor using Cold Laser Machine

Rover enjoys the warm soothing treatment, he wears his "doggles" to keep his eyes safe. And don't worry, Taylor wears her goggles too, when she turns on the Cold Laser Machine!

Cold laser treatment does not require anesthesia or sedation. It is not painful and the beam delivers a relaxing, warm sensation.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser treatment helps relieve pain

We used to think the body’s cells only responded to chemical signals. We now know,cells respond to various wavelengths of light in different ways.

When exposed to infrared rays, cells increase their activity in a very positive way. Cold laser machines concentrate infrared light rays into a beam that can be directed to areas of the body that are injured or diseased.

Doggles protect eyes during cold laser treatment

From Bertie's Human:

When my beloved dog Bertie began exhibiting a sudden decline in energy along with a cough, I was very worried.  My usually happy-go-lucky and playful pup barely had any interest in completing even a short walk, let alone our usual treks, and lost all interest in playing,cuddling, and enjoying life.  He had a cough, along with shortness of breath, that medication seemed to relieve somewhat, but not cure.  Since he had previously had cancer in one toe, I was extremely concerned. 

Once we ruled out a recurrence, I was open to any and all therapeutic interventions.  When Dr. Tudor suggested cold laser treatments, I did not want to get my hopes up too much, but after just the first session I was overjoyed to see Bertie running down the hall to fetch a toy the next day.  Because he could breathe better, Bertie's energy level returned, and so did his quality of life. I have never seen any medication have an effect like that! 

In my experience, there have been no side effects or complications and there have been multiple benefits, including relief of cough and shortness of breath, return of energy, and relief of other symptoms. If I had not witnessed (and even filmed) Bertie's almost-immediate improvement, I would not have believed any intervention could have helped my dog feel like himself again in such a dramatic way. 

We have maintained regular treatments and his health and well-being have remained excellent.  With the compassionate, kind attention of the staff at the Well Dog Place and the amazing technology of the cold laser treatments, I am able to maintain my darling dog's quality of life.  I cannot recommend the treatment highly enough!

Bertie proudly wearing his doggles!