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The Well Dog Place is not a Veterinary Office.  We do not offer traditional veterinary services (exams, vaccinations, hospitalization, diagnostics, treatments, medications or prescriptions).
We are pleased to offer an alternative to the traditional veterinary experience. Rather than a sterile office experience, we offer in-depth, one-on-one consultations with you, without your dog, to formulate a comprehensive holistic program that consider your dog’s total health in the context of their newly diagnosed condition. We focus on the diagnostic work that has already been done, help you understand that information as well as our holistic health plan to meet your dog’s total health needs. We provide the Chinese herbs, essential oils, nutritional plans, and supplements necessary to manage your dog’s condition and promote their optimum health.
We also offer health and nutritional guidance consultations for owners of new puppies!

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Looking for a gentler way for your dog?

One that works to build health rather than waiting for a problem?

You have come to the right place!

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Many people don’t realize how many dog diseases can actually be managed through nutrition and other wellness strategies. Even when a dog does have health conditions, like arthritis or allergies, the first step doesn’t need to be highly invasive. We take seriously the Hippocratic oath of “first do no harm”.  That is why we recommend starting with treatments for dog symptoms that have the fewest side effects. But sometimes more is needed.

That is what we mean by integrative. Dr. Tudor has such extensive experience with both traditional and holistic veterinary medicine he can bridge the two approaches in ways that can make a remarkable difference in your dog’s health, energy and overall vitality.

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DR. Ken Tudor
Ken Tudor DVM

After 40 years in veterinary practice, Dr. Tudor transitioned THE WELL DOG PLACE from an alternative veterinary practice to a consultation practice. His mission is to minimize illness by maximizing health through nutritional management, routine preventative care and proactive, safe alternative therapies.

From your dog's medical records, Dr. Tudor reviews with you, what is happening medically to help you understand. Sometimes it means combining modern medicine with alternative treatments like Traditional Chinese Medicine, essential oil, Western herbs. Sometimes not, either way, you will be equipped with the information needed to make good decisions for your dog's optimal health.
Dr. Tudor is a recognized expert and leader in the field of pet nutrition and fitness, has authored two homemade recipe books, written hundreds of articles about nutrition and health and is a featured expert on radio and televised pet programs.

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    Did you know?

    • Easy Appointments

      We offer flexible appointment booking options to accommodate your busy schedule.  Tuesday through Saturday appointments available. Book your appointment here.

    • Yearly Vaccines May Be a Bad Idea

      Vaccinating dogs yearly or every 3 years with parvo and distemper may actually cause problems for dogs by over-stimulating the immune system. We recommend checking blood vaccine titers yearly and vaccinating when these levels indicate vaccination is necessary. Protective vaccination titers can last up to 5 years or more.

    • Anti-Inflammatory Benefits of Curcumin

      Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric and curry powder, has potent anti-inflammatory effects. It helps reduce symptoms of allergies and reduces the pain of arthritis. In addition, these effects protect against the dementia of aging and cancer or cancer progression. We recommend curcumin as essential in the nutrition program of all dogs.

    • Early Detection is More Important for Dogs Than for Humans

      Dogs age faster than humans and can develop medical problems sooner than we do. A thorough exam twice yearly with a wellness blood screen can detect problems earlier when they are likely to respond to more natural, less invasive treatment.

    • Adding "Good" Bacteria to Your Dogs' Diet is Simple and Effective

      Research is overwhelming that healthy intestinal bacterial counts not only aid digestive health but also immune health. An abundance of “good” bacteria in the gut actually causes a more balanced internal immune system and reduces the incidences of allergies and asthma. Our Douglas probiotic provides the necessary “good" bacteria for your dog.

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