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Existing clients may purchase supplements by appointment, please email Please be sure to include a list of desired products.

Our Vet sees puppies in the Pomona Valley area

What do we mean by Holistic?

Diagnostics - The key to holistic medicine is proper diagnosis. We get answers.

Comprehensive - We always consider the whole dog, no matter why you came in or your previous diagnosis.

Integrative - We treat for optimal outcomes. Because we use the best of Western AND Eastern Medicine, we have more options available when treating your dog.

We Listen - Our one-patient-at-a-time, no waiting appointment schedule gives you an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your options.

Who Are Some of the Folks We See at The Well Dog Place?

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Why Do They Choose Us?

Our treatments are gentler and have fewer side effects than traditional veterinary medicine. Because we consider the whole dog we can develop strategies that are more effective. Many of our treatments can also work with traditional therapies. They support faster recovery from illness or healing after surgery.

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We have all the traditional options, including full diagnostic lab capabilities, digital x-ray technology, Chinese herbs, essential oils, homemade diets, handpicked dog food lines, and cold laser non-invasive pain relief. And we offer safer vaccine choices.
Dr. Tudor has many years of experience in both traditional and holistic practice. He is an extraordinary diagnostician and is able to draw upon the best practices from both areas. He looks for new approaches to solving veterinary medical problems.

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How can we help you?
Reach out to discuss your dogs' needs.

What to Expect When You Come in

Don't Want to Wait?

Our generous appointment scheduling means there is no waiting-room full of other dogs. The appointment time we give you is the time we mean.

Unfortunately, we do not see dogs weighing over 50lbs. or puppies of breeds that will exceed 50lbs. adult weight. We also do not see dogs that are ill-tempered with veterinary staff or need a muzzle for examination.

Unhurried Exam

We take the time to really listen. Our exams are thorough; we get a complete medical history and give you a comprehensive plan.

What Our Clients Say

Came here to my first visit with my new puppy and I'm so happy I did! I found this place by searching online for vet switch a more holistic approach as my 16 year old senior dog has had food/skin allergies and thyroid problems.  I found so much good information on his website that I wanted to bring my new puppy here to get him off to a goodstart.

Crystal is so sweet and helpful. Dr Tudor is very educational and informative. Never felt rushed, they answered all my questions.  I learned so much. I wish I had found Dr Tudor sooner! I highly highly recommend coming here. I'm very pleased and will be coming back for sure.  Thank you Crystal and Dr Tudor!

~Denise T.
from Yelp

The results my 14 year old corgi/chihuahua is experiencing from her supplements is amazing.  She used to "pop" when walking since a young pup.   She has bad knees. After adding the recommendations from Dr Tudor and staff, she is bouncing around and acting young!

She has been on this regime for 6 years and I am so grateful.

~MeeMee M.
from Yelp

I'm very happy to have found Dr. Tudor and Crystal. He was very gentle with my miniature chiweenie. Minnie was very calm while we were there today. He is very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.

I like that he diffuses essential oils to help calm your dog.He was very informative about what is going on with my dogs back. I will be visiting very soon with my other dog. I'm thankful to have found such a caring and compassionate doctor.

~Kathy S.
from Yelp

I think The Well Dog Place is great! The customer service is very good, very nice and was very good to my dog. My dog has allergies and is overweight and Dr Tudor has made a plan for her to helpher with these problems!

Thank you Crystal and Dr Tudor!!

~Donna C.
from Yelp

The well dog place is so amazing! They Took care of my dog and i will continue to go back! Loved meeting Crystal and Dr.Ken Tudor! Nacho was a happy Camper after we left. They answered all of my questions and put nacho on the right path! felt like i could really talk to them!

Can't wait to continue his care with these great Professionals!

~Andrea M.
Owen's Owner

For years I have taken my pups to vets. As they've gotten older I didn't want to feed them pills for their ailments. I was looking for a more natural way to treat my pups. The Well Dog Place does just that.

Dr. Ken Tudor and Crystal are amazing with my pups. They don't rush through the examination process,  they are patient and very caring. Dr. Tudor also doesn't do unnecessary tests or try to upsell you medications or lab work. Very honest vet, a rare find.

~Jessica A.
from Yelp

When my Jack Russell terrier, Rosie, was diagnosed for bladder and kidney stones for a second time, I was devastated. I was unable to have surgery performed right away on her, so Dr. Tudor suggested I start her on a Hearthstone Homemade recipe that would control her stones when she eventually had her surgery. By her time for surgery, I changed veterinarians and my old veterinarian was unable to make a copy of Rosie’s x-ray showing her urinary stones. My new vet repeated the x-rays before scheduling her surgery and what a surprise for both of us. Rosie’s bladder stones and most of her kidney stones had dissolved on the homemade diet recipe. The remaining calcification in one of her kidneys was not likely to dissolve but would not cause her any problems in the future. 

We are extremely grateful that the Hearthstone Homemade program spared Rosie from a second surgery. We are keeping both of our dogs on the program and recommend that other dog owners with the same condition do the same.

Rosie's Owner

Healthy Dog Guidelines from Dr. Ken Tudor

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Unlike us, dogs do not sweat. They cannot be cooled by sweat’s evaporation from the skin. Dogs must pant to get cooled.

Dog Food Labels. We want to trust them, but can we?Mislabeled: A Hidden Pet Food Health Risk

Is dog food mislabeling intentional or accidental? How wide spread is the practice in the industry and is it common knowledge?

Oil in Dog Food. It is a critical ingredient in any dog's diet.Supplements That Help All Dogs (Part 1)

A balanced homemade or commercial diet should contain all of the nutrients your dog needs, but we want more for our dogs.

Probiotics shown in measuring scoop. Probiotics are a great way to add immune system enhancement to your dog's diet.Supplements That Help All Dogs (Part 2)

“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Two supplements can help turn your dog’s diet from good into a great diet.

Keeping everyone safe during the Covid pandemic

Yes, you can come in!
Although California is open, to be OSHA compliant we are continuing social distancing and the wearing of face masks.

Crystal Moose, Veterinary Nurse

1. We see 2 persons with 1 dog at a time with no overlapping appointments to ensure social distancing

2. We require properly fitting face masks upon entry to the office

3. Hand sanitizers are readily available in the exam room.