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My thoughts about veterinary medicine...

When I graduated from veterinary school I thought the goal of all health professionals should be to promote wellness and ultimately put themselves out of business. But my many decades in veterinary practice have found that our profession is focused primarily on the ill patient, not on promoting wellness and preventing illness. I think we have taught our clients to view veterinary medicine the same way.

I still believe in my original goal. That is why I opened THE WELL DOG PLACE.

I built the practice around hour long appointments so I can take the time it takes to focus on nutrition and safe, proactive alternative therapies. We already see this helping to reduce the need for traditional veterinary services, which of course saves you money. But more importantly, by doing these things that have the greatest impact on dogs' overall health, you and I can keep them at peak health well into their geriatric years.

But the reality is that dogs do become ill and need medical care. We take a more holistic, integrative approach and mix traditional medicine with alternative Chinese and Western herbs, essential oils, targeted supplements, cold laser therapies and surgical alternatives. I want to minimize adverse side effects and maximize the quality of life for ill patients.

If your dog is a member of your family, then you will feel right at home at The Well Dog Place. We serve loving dog parents from all over Southern California. Together, we can make each day more energetic and extend the years you have with your family’s best friend.

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Over 35 years experience in various practice areas

Dr. Ken Tudor has practiced traditional and holistic veterinary medicine for over 38 years, 35 of which were here in the Inland Empire. In addition to owning a veterinary hospital in Alta Loma, he has worked as a relief veterinarian at over 25 hospitals in the area. Dr. Tudor has also served as a professor at California Polytechnic University, Mt. San Antonio and Chaffey colleges.

He is a recognized expert and leader in pet nutrition and fitness. In addition to blogs on his own websites, Hearthstone Homemade, Healthier Homemade and The Well Dog, Dr. Tudor has written over 200 articles for the “Daily Vet” on the popular petMD website. He is a frequent guest and medical resource for the Pet World Insider radio program and the televised Pet Ex Talks-Pet Experts Empowering Pet Parents show.

Dr. Tudor also served on the American Animal Hospital Association task force to develop guidelines for their Pet Weight Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats for veterinary hospitals.

Dr. Tudor has written articles for major veterinary research journals and authored two homemade dog food recipe books. He is also the founder of Hearthstone Homemade for Dogs and Healthier Homemade, which offer nutritionally complete homemade nutrition programs for normal dogs (Hearthstone) and dogs with medical conditions that require restricted ingredients (Healthier).

He is a member of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition, the European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the California Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Tudor recently opened THE WELL DOG PLACE in Claremont for dog parents seeking a holistic, intergrative approach that maximizes their dog’s health through nutritional management and alternative therapies.

Ken Tudor DVM

Dr. Ken Tudor

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