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Dr. Ken Tudor Holistic Veterinarian

Existing clients may purchase supplements by appointment, please email Please be sure to include a list of desired products.

Our Vet sees puppies in the Pomona Valley area

What do we mean by Holistic?

Diagnostics - The key to holistic medicine is proper diagnosis. We get answers.

Comprehensive - We always consider the whole dog, no matter why you came in or your previous diagnosis.

Integrative - We treat for optimal outcomes. Because we use the best of Western AND Eastern Medicine, we have more options available when treating your dog.

We Listen - Our one-patient-at-a-time, no waiting appointment schedule gives you an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your options.

All of the services listed below are available as part of our integrative approach to veterinary medicine. Come in and see the benefits of having more options!


Complete Diagnostics

Complete Nutrition Guidance

Alternative Treatments

How can we help you?
Reach out to discuss your dogs' needs.