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Welcome to this new page of our website! We invite you to follow the updates on this page about the medical progress of some of our patients. Feel free to contact us about the progress of your dog’s condition so that we might add your story to this page for others to enjoy.

Today we feature“Popcorn” Sahagun


Popcorn first came to us in October of 2019. He had just recovered from surgery to remove cancer from his intestines. His oncologist had only given him 7 months from the time of surgery to live. Spunky, Popcorn, and his mother were not content with that prognosis and his mommy wanted some hope. She decided to seek an alternative program to stop the possible spread of his cancer.


We started Popcorn on a cancer diet and Chinese and western anti-cancer supplements. After 2 ½ years of follow-up exams and ultrasound studies, Popcorn is still cancer-free. His picture was taken while he was laying down after his last physical exam at our office. 


Popcorn’s case is a good example of the advantage of the integrative approach to medicine. We find that the patients who receive both traditional cancer treatment and alternative eastern treatment respond the best.  

Popcorn’s aggressive surgery removed the major source of cancer cells. This gives eastern treatment an easier time getting rid of microscopic cancer cells that could not be seen at the time of surgery.


Bone cancer is also similar. It is much easier to keep a dog with bone tumors cancer free if they first have the leg and bone cancer removed and then treated with eastern alternatives, rather than try to treat with alternative alone. Regretfully, we have often had to watch the short and painful lives of bone cancer patients, whose parents refused surgery.


Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, is another cancer type that is more successfully treated with western chemotherapy followed by eastern herbs and supplements. We have seen some of our patients with lymphoma that have been cancer-free for over 5 years.  


Our approach to cancer, and all diseases, is to choose the treatment programs that will give the best outcomes. Often, dog owners seeking our advice about cancer are surprised when we suggest surgery or chemotherapy (done elsewhere) in addition to our alternative approach. But after we explain our outcome focus, these dog owners seem more receptive to a comprehensive approach to their dog’s cancer. 


Please keep cheering for Popcorn and all our cancer patients!