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Senior Dog Care 01 | How Much Protein to Feed
As a general rule, commercial dog foods are not very high in protein (20-28%). Senior diets are often 18% protein. Why?
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Senior Dog Care 02 | How Lab Work Helps
Increased water consumption and urine elimination may be signs of problems that you are already noticing. Lab work helps us identify what may be causing those symptoms.
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Senior Dog Care 03 | Preventing Dementia
Did you know that older dogs experience the same type of Alzheimer changes in their brains that cause dementia in humans?
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Senior Dog Care 04 | My Dog's Pupils are Grey!
Have you noticed that the pupils of your dog’s eyes are getting grey and even slightly white as it ages? Are you scared it is cataracts and she is going blind?
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Senior Dog Care 05 | Preventing Hearing Loss
You notice that your elderly dog doesn’t seem to obey voice commands to “come” anymore, especially when she has here back to you. Is she being stubborn, is she deaf or a bit of both? Even dogs with chronic ear infections seldom lose hearing due to their ears problems. Old age hearing loss occurs in the brain. And you can do something to prevent it or slow it down.
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Senior Dog Care 06 | How Milk Thistle Can Help an Aging Liver
The liver is literally the sewage treatment plant of the body. This work eventually takes its toll and the aging liver shows signs of damage in routine blood work.
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Senior Dog Care 07 | Why Does it Matter That Dogs Age Faster Than Humans?
You have all heard that one human year is the same as 7 years in a dog, right? Well it turns out it is not that simple. It actually depends on the weight of the dog.
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Senior Dog Care 08 | Monitoring Your Dog’s Heart and Lungs as They Age
It is common for older dogs to develop poor functioning heart valves that cause regurgitation and murmurs. This “un-pumped” volume of blood causes the heart to enlarge and become less effective at its job of circulating blood.
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Senior Dog Care 09 | The Sewage Treatment Plant of the Body
The liver never gets time off. That is why it is impossible to “detoxify” it. It will even detoxify the supplements used to detoxify it. This constant work with toxins takes its toll as the years pass.
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