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Holistic Dog Treatments 01 | What Holistic Veterinary Medicine Is, and What It Isn’t
The way we approach “holistic” medicine is to consider the entire health, lifestyle, and diet of each dog to determine their exact problem.
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Holistic Dog Treatments 04 | Causes of Vomiting & Diarrhea in Dogs
Vomiting and diarrhea are protective symptoms that occur when the digestive tract is disturbed. Most dog owners immediately think of parvovirus or parasites or dietary indiscretion.
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Holistic Dog Treatments 05 | Can Essential Oils Protect Your Dog from Viruses?
There is a worldwide problem of bacterial drug resistance to all medications because doctors and vets have been prescribing antibiotics for viral infections for decades.
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Holistic Dog Treatments 07 | Allergies - Cause, Signs and Treatments
It is the middle of winter, how can my dog have allergies? Believe it or not December to February is sometimes our worst allergy season in southern California. Why?
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Holistic Dog Treatments 08 | How Laser Therapy Can Help Your Dog's Pain
Has your veterinarian offered cold laser therapy for your dog? This safe non-invasive procedure can help cure or manage many common medical problems.
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Holistic Dog Treatments 09 | 6 of the Most Common Causes of Dogs Limping
Although foot pads problems are the first thing owners think of when their dog limps, these are not the most common causes of limping in dogs.
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Holistic Dog Treatments 10 | Why Do Dogs Pant?
One of the hardest medical questions I get asked a lot is, why are their dogs panting when they are not exercising? Sometimes the cause is obvious. Other times it is downright mysterious.
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Holistic Dog Treatments 11 | How to Tell If Your Dog is Dehydrated
For years, veterinarians, veterinary technicians and other dog related professionals have been taught the “tent method” for determining a dog’s hydration.
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Holistic Dog Treatments 12 | Arthritis - Is Your Dog Suffering in the Cold?
Cold, moist winter weather causes diseased joints to swell and increase in pain. Dogs get up from lying down slower and limp or show discomfort with initial exercise. They may have osteoarthritis.
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Holistic Dog Treatments 13 | Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
We reserve the use of Western treatments as a last resort or used in short intervals to “rescue” patients that may have “overdone it” playing or exercising.
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Holistic Dog Treatments 14 | Why Are Dogs So Anxious?
In our practice we have no waiting room so there are no other dogs around, our office is carpeted like a home, we spend 15-20 minutes just talking with pet parents to let the dogs roam and adjust.
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Holistic Dog Treatments 15 | Why Does My Dog Keep Getting Ear Infections?
Your dog is not getting or “catching” ear infections. Your dog is suffering from a condition that promotes uncontrolled growth of bacteria and yeast that normally live in his ear.
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Holistic Dog Treatments 16 | Essential Oils for Arthritis
Do you worry about the side effects of your dog’s arthritis medications? There are natural alternatives that don’t have the same risks.
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