The Well Dog Place

Dr. Ken Tudor Holistic Veterinarian

Canine Nutrition Aids That Help With Aging and Medical Conditions

Many natural nutritional supplements protect from the wear and tear of aging. Others aid in preventing or relieving the symptoms of medical problems. We offer an ever expanding selection of Chinese herbs and nutritional supplements to promote vigor and manage medical conditions.

Pesticide-Free Flea Products

More and more owners are concerned about the insecticides presently used to control fleas and ticks on their dogs. Natural products cannot kill fleas like insecticides but when used frequently and strategically can help prevent flea and tick infestations.

Essential Oil Treatments for Chronic Pain and Other Medical Problems

In addition to oral supplements, essential oils can help treat or manage chronic problems. They can be very helpful for allergy and pain relief. Some can be useful for behavior and neurological problems as well. Our Raindrop Treatment is very popular among our patients suffering from allergies, it soothes and calms them.