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Dr. Ken Tudor Holistic Veterinarian

Dog Wellness Screening to Detect Problems Sooner

Dogs age faster than humans so they can progress faster into serious stages of a diseases than we do. In the early stages the symptoms may not be dramatic enough for owners to detect. Thorough physical wellness exams twice yearly can help pick up problems early when treatment success is more likely.

Dog Wellness Blood Screening to Look Deeper

Not all potential medical problems can be determined by a physical examination. Early changes in various body organs like the kidney and liver are picked up earlier by routine wellness blood screens.

Second Opinions for Your Dog's Medical Condition

It is common and sensible to seek another opinion about your dog’s medical diagnosis if you have any doubts or concerns. In fact most veterinarians encourage it especially with serious or complicated problems. We put 35 years of experience behind our view of your dog’s medical problem.

Allergy Treatment and Pain Alternatives

Chronic itching and ear infections from allergies and chronic pain from arthritis are common afflictions among dogs. We offer a pro-active, management approach that utilizes natural remedies for owners who are justifiably concerned about the side effects of more aggressive traditional treatments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Other

For centuries medical practitioners have relied on the use of plants, herbs and oils to treat medical problems. Many of these are sources of our modern medicines. Traditional Chinese Medicines, Western herbs, essential oils can offer many of the same healing benefits without the harsh and unwanted side effects. Our holistic approach incorporates all of these alternative solutions for your dog’s health..

Vaccines and Vaccination Titers for Those Seeking to Vaccinate As Needed, Rather than Automatically

More and more owners are concerned about over-vaccinating their dogs when they follow traditional vaccination programs. We couldn’t agree more with those concerns. That is why we recommend yearly vaccine blood titers (tests that show how much vaccine protection is still viable) and vaccinating only when titers have fallen below the recommend level for disease protection. Read more...

Conventional Medicine Prescriptions

Some canine medical problems need traditional medications. We gladly write prescriptions for these drugs when necessary so you can shop around for the best price or most convenient source.

Pain and Inflammation Relief

Our new cold laser technology allows for non-invasive treatment of arthritic pain, post surgery recovery, otitis, bladder infection, and many other pain conditions. The results are increased mobility and comfort.