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Dr. Ken Tudor
Holistic Veterinarian

Help With Dog Food Isle Confusion

With so many commercial brands to choose among, it can be very difficult to sort out which dog foods are actually healthy and which just have a large advertising budget. We do the research and can help you find the brand that is right for your dog and still fits your dog food budget.

Meal Planning Can Improve Your Dog's Health

Feeding the right amount of food is as important as the food itself. We provide guidance for planning the meal size that helps your dog maintain a fit body condition.  We stress the importance of feeding the ideal weight of the dog, not necessarily the current weight. This gentle approach avoids weight gain and crazy crash diets in response.

Canine Nutritional Aids That Really Make a Difference

We offer age and health appropriate supplements  that compliment your dog’s nutrition program by filling the gaps food alone cannot provide. They can reduce inflammation and strengthening the body's immune system.

Low Calorie Dog Treat Recommendations

Many people do not realize that most dog treats are very high in calories, even the ones that say that they are intended to clean teeth.  These can cause substantial weight gain even if the dog's regular meals are appropriately sized. It is fun to give our dogs treats, so let us help you select from a variety of healthy “no or low” calorie treat alternatives. And we offer the information you need to avoid treats that may be harmful to your dog.

Weight Management 

All of our recommendations help dogs achieve maximum fitness. We can develop a program specific for your dog if he/she is having trouble loosing those extra pounds. Talk to us about exercise programs too, these can help in your dog's overall health as well as getting to that ideal weight.

Dog Nutrition Classes

We periodically offer our clients and the general public, nutrition and homemade cooking classes. Dr. Tudor is also available for speaking to your group about nutrition and homemade diets. (If interested call 909-896-9037)