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Dr. Ken Tudor
Holistic Veterinarian

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How Good is Your Dog’s Food? We Can Tell You

Did the clerk at the big box pet store assure you that the expensive dog food you bought is the best and healthiest? Did you know that price is not an indicator of quality for dog food? Did you know that most dog foods, even veterinary dog foods, are mediocre and overpriced? And guess what? You cannot determine the quality of the food from the ingredient and guaranteed analysis information on the bag or can label!


Here at The Well Dog Place we have very high standards for commercial dog food. We have developed a calculator that allows us to compare any dog food, dry or wet. It calculates exactly the percentages of calories from protein, from fat and from carbohydrates. This is different than the percentages on the label. Our calculator is the only way to effectively compare the quality of dog food.


Contact us at team@thewelldog.com with a picture of or information from the guaranteed analysis on your dog food label that includes % protein, % fat, % fiber and % moisture and we will provide you a free analysis of your dog’s food.


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Ken Tudor DVM
Dr. Ken Tudor, Holistic Veterinarian

Dr. Ken Tudor is a recognized expert and leader in the field of pet nutrition and fitness. He has developed a pet weight management program and served on the American Animal Hospital Association task force to develop their Weight Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats. He is also a frequent guest on the Pet World Insider radio show and a popular guest on the televised Pet Ex Talks-Pet Experts Empowering Pet Parents show.

How Good is Your Dog’s Food? We Can Tell You

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